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A Warm Welcome, Traveler!  

So you find yourself a wayfarer in the grand city of Stormwind? Do you seek to bring an end to the evils of Azeroth and wish to ally with those of like-minded determination? You have come to the right place, friend. The Knights of Varian's Order is a devout Brotherhood pledged to serve our King with honor. By the Light we shall overcome the forces that seek to undermine the good people of our lands and we shall stand strong together!
Other Guild News

Hey Knights!

sirlancelot930, Apr 20, 11 7:02 PM.
Greetings fellow Knights!  Sorry its been awhille since you have seen or heard from me!  I have been vacationing for 2 weeks and trying to get back on track at work for a little over 2 weeks (not quite in that order) but I just wanted to say "hello" and "I'm back!"  I assume must of you had similar situations (the few times that I did log on I didn't see anyone but Fear).  So I hope everyone had a great Springbreak if you took one and hope to see you all in game!

Sir Launcelot

Dipping into End Game

Japith, Apr 5, 11 12:20 PM.
Head to the Members Forum to give your thoughts on getting some end-game experience.

Vacation! Spring break! Yeah!!!

sirlancelot930, Mar 22, 11 8:23 AM.
Hey Knights!  I will be on vacation starting March 19th thru the 27th....back for a week ( I will be on to play) then on vacation again from April 4th thru the 11th.  Just wanted to give everyone any update!  Thanks!

Call to ARMS!

RhoellanAlts, Mar 11, 11 5:53 PM.
Bored with PVE?  Tried of doing dailies or rolling alts?  Yes, we need to get to raiding, but raiding and PVE in general tends to be very scripted, whereas PvP is chaotic.  PvP in every battle, BG, duel, etc. is ALWAYS different.  Without rolling a new player or alt, you can take the same toon you have played for 85 levels and get a completely unique play style continually.  Is PvP better than PVE?  No, it is a personal preference, but I like to think of it as getting a new game, new max level character without purchasing said game or leveling the toon.  The hard work is done!

"I have tried PvP and it wasn't pretty.  I went into the BGs and did alright, but we never won.  PvP is for hardcore players and I don't have the gear to compete.  I don't know how to play my toon in PvP and suck."

Truth is; I suck if you look at my record.  But just like gearing for heroics and raids, you need to do the same with PvP.  It is the best way in my opinion to know your toon inside and out.  I hit buttons and cooldowns now that I never even put on my hotbar.  Everyone is a noob at some time and I am hoping with the recent interest we may get better together. 

So I wanted to share some information (not the gospel) that I have "gleaned" over the last month or so of PvP:

  • Alliance wins about 30% of the random battlegrounds.   This is the most frustrating experience of PvP, so I wanted to let you know some "options".  Win gets you 100 HP, Loss around 30 and if random, gives 25 conquest points (IMPORTANT).
  • Tol Borad is our server only and every 2 hours or so and we have a 50/50 chance of winning it.  I usually get 70+ HP in a loss and sometimes (with the weekly quest) close to 500 with the win.
  • Rated BGs (we go in like a raid) or arena also gives conquest points.  Win five 2 v 2 matches in a week and you cap the amount of conquest allowable.
This last point is something I just learned.  Conquest gear is CRAZY, but by only doing random BGs it will take forever to get enough to buy one piece.  So if we were to get a 2's team, 3's team or 5's team and win 2 matches, we will have "earned" about the same thing as 20 winning BGs.  Bottom line; I want conquest gear!

So, I would like to see if there is any interest in starting some teams.  WE WILL GET OWNED, and OWNED and PWNED and ROFLOWNED.  But, we will get better and with Vent and teamwork (with little to no tempers) we can have a unique experience.  To get started we need interest, then crafted resilience gear, then experience and then we jump into the deep end of the pool.

Good arena classes/specs (which is still primarily based on group make up and team work):

All Deathknights, Frost/Arcane Mages, Affliction Warlocks, All Priests, esp Disc, All Warriors, All Rogues, Enh/Resto shaman, MM/BM Hunters, All Pallys (although Holy is susceptible to CC), Resto/Kitty druid.  In my opinion and based on research, you need CC, you need to be able to get out of CC, you need extreme burst damage, pressure damage (DOTS) and need to be mobile (resto druids are great healers).

Great 1st Meeting!

sirlancelot930, Mar 7, 11 9:22 PM.
Great first meeting!  I want to personally thank each and everyone of you that could attend our first guild meeting!  I truly believe it was a great success!  We had a lot of contribution from everyone and I feel that we came away from this meeting with a renewed sense of purpose!  Once again "Thank you!"  Going forward, we will continue to have these meetings once a month on the first Sunday evening of each month (depending on Holiday schedules).  I believe that this will be helpful in assessing what we've established that we want to accomplish from previous meetings and planning on what we want to do going forward.  To quickly recap the meeting, here were some of the highlights....

1) Setting a regular high-level raid/pug night. This will be Sunday evenings at 5:00pm server time.

2) Alternative theme events.  We established that those interested in doing an Alt toon event or PvP event should set this up on the guild website as well as the in-game calender.  This should be done in a sign-up fashion; those wanting to participate should then do so.

3) State of Affairs.  The prevailing question has been, "What kind of guild are we?"  Well, we answered the with, "We are a casual social guild with intentions to raid in the future."
4) Recruitment.  We agreed that this is something that must be addressed by all guild members and that we need to develop a recruitment strategy.  This we know; we are a low-level guild (lvl 7) that has aspirations to raid but are a ways from doing this on an consistant basis.  To achieve our goal we established that going forward we are going to target the following types of players...
        a) Players with higher level toons (75 +) that want to raid but are inexperienced and/or intimidated by their lack of knowledge of this art.
        b) Players with the desire to help advance a low-level guild and get on the ground floor of something exciting as we go forward but aren't into the strictness of a typical raiding guild.
        c) Players in low level guilds currently that lack structure, growth and a fun social atmosphere.

We agreed that in order to accomplish the above, we will need to start by crafting/word-smithing a exciting, comprehensive recruitment post that we will use while on recruiting drives.  Additionally, there are provisions in the guild by-laws that go over our reward system for those who show exemplary prowess in member recruitment.  It is time to start rewarding those that are deserving of such.

In closing, this pretty much covered what we discussed in the meeting which last about 50mins.  If there are any errors or ommissions, please add those to this post.  Thank you Knights!

In your service,

Sir Launcelot of Lordaeron
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